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Your horoscope for August 15 to 21, 12222

Try not to get discouraged when people don't share your enthusiasm for reaching your goals. They'll eventually be eating your dust. If you were born on November 12, you probably get catcalled everywhere you go! Whether you choose to flaunt your full potential or not, you have the beauty, body, and brains that would make anyone go wild.

You may be introverted, extroverted, bubbly and cheerful, or dark and brooding. Regardless, there's something alluring about you that makes others gawk and wonder what it's like to know you. This isn't always a glamorous life. Decide carefully how you want to use this unique and powerful influence!


At your best: Dazzling, seductive, secretive At your worst: Repressed, troubled, manipulative. You are rarely up for superficial chatter, but thought-provoking communication is an entirely different matter. Having a completely candid conversation with someone you're interested in is what you're after right now, because trivial chats don't do a thing for you… Continue. Uh oh Scorpio, we know that you treasure your privacy and enjoy being mysterious, but really -- can you at least reveal that it's your birthday?

You've got so many incredible qualities to celebrate and the people who love you truly want to honor you on this special day. Let's take, for example, your incredible sense of calm and razor sharp ability to take care of those crisis-filled moments without even breaking a sweat. Being a forward thinking fire sign, you rarely dwell on the past.

Act swiftly. But because circumstances are continuing to change, regard any decisions as tentative.

Birthday Horoscope

When you discussed making changes in elements of your domestic or working life, they seemed straightforward and so you went swiftly from ideas to solid plans. Since then, changes in circumstances have meant rethinking things, sometimes more than once.

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Bizarrely, disruptive as it is in the short term, what you learn will prove immensely valuable. Take that approach and you could even find yourself enjoying what is seriously unexpected. Recent clashes may have been as surprising as they were unfair. The problem is that others are seeing things entirely from their viewpoint. Certain well-meaning individuals are warning you about being too trusting, that is, accepting optimistic advice or the promises of others. The solution? Review your own ideas, plans and priorities, then proceed as you see fit.

Discuss them later. While the promise of most will be clear immediately, some of what arises may seem nothing more than a disruption, possibly an unwelcome one. However, actually making changes is another matter, something you want to undertake when, and in the manner, you decide. The secret? Explore absolutely everything that comes your way. But with things changing so swiftly and, often, dramatically, some are running aground. Discuss remedies. Sometimes the period when the ideas planet Mercury is retrograde triggers confusion, but nothing more.

True, initially, these may be inconvenient, if not actually worrying. Waste no time on explanations. Simply apologise and move on. As a painstaking Virgo, you long ago learnt not everybody cares about getting things right the way you do. Fortunately, that rarely matters. But now it does. In fact, the success of certain arrangements means relying on others. Waste no time worrying. Instead, get involved. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But when the planet of ideas and discussion, Mercury is retrograde, even what seems reliable information could prove to be far less trustworthy than you anticipated. Few of the resulting changes will be a bother and a few could turn out to be a real improvement. While, at other times, the resulting discussions would be interesting, now it will lead to clashes, some worryingly intense.

For now, say nothing. But, often, it means relinquishing control in a way you find nearly impossible.

Still, try it. Then begin discussing what happened and were things went wrong. The best approach is to explore, and learn from, everything, and let destiny guide the decisions you make. As a fire sign, you have a low boredom threshold. Be wary of doing that now. Things may be moving slowly but the outcome will be thrilling. For now, forget about long term plans and focus on today, the coming week and maybe month.

What comes to light will lead to exciting but unexpected plans for the future. Between the current pair of eclipses shaking things up and the retrograde Mercury triggering the usual twists and turns, surprises are inevitable. Quietly withdraw and leave decisions to others. During the exciting but often unsettled month of July, even simple plans are likely to change, probably more than once, and possibly dramatically. But with so much in transition, what seemed your best option only recently will change as circumstances do.

True, making flexible plans can be seriously challenging.

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Being ruled by the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, you tend to be lucky, in minor and more major ways. At the moment, however, it could seem things have turned around and absolutely nothing is working out. Be patient. While that was true at the time, things have changed to the extent that these are now crucial. Discuss these openly, and the sooner, the better. Once you begin, everything will fall into place.

What you learn will be surprisingly helpful, now and even more as the future unfolds. But even here, you can organise your time with others so everybody enjoys it, and benefits. You begin by learning about this, but will benefit for the rest of your life. Yes, that means finding ways to balance the two. And, ideally, every day. Impossible as that seems, focus on it. Having somebody try to win you over to their way of doing things is another matter. Still, listen to what certain individuals have to say. While some are genuinely intrigued, others will try to challenge you point by point.

The time has come to take a tough line with one particularly difficult individual. Either count them out or expect sudden changes. However, you and everybody else are living through a period of rapid change. Ironically, what you learn from the current confusion could explain a lot, if not enable you to untangle several issues. You may be sure of your facts and, even more, believe your views are justified. Long ago, you learnt that being generous to others will, inevitably bring good to you in return. And be prepared for surprises. Those who pride themselves on standing their ground in disagreements have always been puzzling.

Face up to those issues and what you learn will transform your perspective.

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Judging by the powerful links between both the Sun and Venus with your ruler Neptune, things are actually better than you think. While you may occasionally do this, the focus on such matters will alert you to your skills at giving others a boost, sometime simply by being cheerful but, as much, via your caring words and actions. Better yet, these uplifting feelings will become part of your life, and in wonderful ways. This is a tricky week during a period of unsettling but ultimately worthwhile change.


Not surprisingly, most everybody is on edge, including you. When dealing with these matters, go with the flow and focus on what you can shape or reorganise. When you committed to certain long term plans a few weeks ago, the individuals involved were enthusiastic and the foundation seemed solid. Since then, however, a great deal has changed, including the ability of certain individuals to continue as planned.

February 15th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

Make the necessary changes now, while it can be done easily. That time will come, and soon. Until then, learn as much as you can.